“This City Must Be Punished” (Jeremiah 6:6)

     “For this is what the LORD of Hosts says:  Cut down the trees;  raise a siege ramp against Jerusalem.  This city must be punished. There is nothing but oppression within her.” God’s given us the verdict of what He shall do.  He says, “This city must be punished”, and the reason is, “There is nothing but oppression within her”. … Continue reading “This City Must Be Punished” (Jeremiah 6:6)

False Prophets Are Deceitful (Jer 5:27)

    “Like a cage full of birds, so their houses are full of deceit. Therefore they have grown powerful and rich.” The false prophet has grown rich by fleecing the people, abusing them, and taking the honor that belongs to God.  He doesn’t serve the people, so God delivers His elect from them and punishes the false prophet.  He says, … Continue reading False Prophets Are Deceitful (Jer 5:27)

God Is Just and Righteous (Jeremiah 5:19)

     And when your people say, ‘Why has the LORD our God done all these things to us?’ you shall say to them, ‘As you have forsaken me and served foreign gods in your land, so you shall serve foreigners in a land that is not yours.’” vs19 God is just and whatever He … Continue reading God Is Just and Righteous (Jeremiah 5:19)

“This Will In Fact Happen To Them” (Jeremiah 5:12-12)

     They have contradicted the LORD and insisted, “It won’t happen.  Harm won’t come to us; we won’t see sword or famine.”  The prophets become only wind, for the LORD’s word is not in them.  This will in fact happen to them. vs12-13 It will happen to them, the destruction and wrath, because they say it won’t.  If they’d hearkened and feared the doom, then … Continue reading “This Will In Fact Happen To Them” (Jeremiah 5:12-12)

God Acts Justly! (Jeremiah 5:1)

     Roam  through the streets of Jerusalem.  Look and take note; search in her squares. If you find one person,  any who acts justly, who seeks to be faithful, then I will forgive her.  vs1 God is fair.  Peter said, “Now I really understand that God doesn’t show favoritism, but in every nation the person who fears Him and does righteousness is acceptable to Him (Acts … Continue reading God Acts Justly! (Jeremiah 5:1)

“I Will Not Make A Full End” (Jer 4:27)

For thus says the Lord: “The whole land shall be desolate; yet I will not make a full end.” vs27   Destruction and judgment are coming, but God has an elect that He will save, a people chosen from the foundation of the world.  He could have cast us all down, like He did the … Continue reading “I Will Not Make A Full End” (Jer 4:27)

“I Am Pained In My Heart!” (Jeremiah 4:19)

         “O my soul, my soul!  I am pained in my heart! My heart makes a noise in me; I cannot hold my peace, because you have heard, O my soul, the sound of the trumpet, the alarm of war.” God’s people must be internally motivated to preach the gospel; it is … Continue reading “I Am Pained In My Heart!” (Jeremiah 4:19)