Restoration for Sinners! (Jer 49:6)

“But after that, I will restore the captivity of the Ammonites.  This is the LORD’s declaration.” The Lord has mercy on sinners: bless His holy name.  He could have passed us all by, as He did the fallen angels, but He decided, long ago, to have mercy upon us for Jesus Christ’s sake, sending His … Continue reading Restoration for Sinners! (Jer 49:6)

“I Will Return the Captives” (Jer 48:47)

“Yet, I will return the captives of Moab in the last days.  This is the LORD’s declaration.  The judgement on Moab ends here.” God is promising a restoration, even though He judges most of mankind and finds them wicked.  He says, “Woe to you, Moab! The people of Chemosh have perished because your sons have been taken captive and … Continue reading “I Will Return the Captives” (Jer 48:47)

God Will Stop False Worship (Jer 48:35)

“In Moab, I will stop’--this is the LORD’s declaration--‘the one who offers sacrifices on the high place and burns incense to his gods.” God is determined to stop false religion.  If it is not the true worship of the Living God, then it shall cease one day because it is offensive to Him.  It is … Continue reading God Will Stop False Worship (Jer 48:35)

Unfaithfulness is Cursed (Jer 48:10)

“The one who does the LORD’s business deceitfully is cursed, and the one who withholds his sword from bloodshed is cursed.” We are under the strongest obligation to be faithful to God’s word.  We CANNOT serve Him our way, but it must be His way, even if it means cutting people by the sword of … Continue reading Unfaithfulness is Cursed (Jer 48:10)

“It Will Be Inhabited Again” (Jer 46:26) (A Cure for Hating Our Neighbor)

“The LORD of Hosts, the God of Israel, says: ‘I am about to punish Amon, god of Thebes, along with Pharaoh, Egypt, her gods, and her kings--Pharaoh and those trusting in him.  I will hand them over to those who want to take their lives--to Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon and his officers.  But after this, … Continue reading “It Will Be Inhabited Again” (Jer 46:26) (A Cure for Hating Our Neighbor)

“No Healing For You” (Jer 46:11)

“Go up to Gilead and get balm, Virgin Daughter Egypt!  You have multiplied remedies in vain; there is no healing for you.” If we reject the Lord Jesus Christ and the salvation He gives, then there is “No healing for you”.  He will not have mercy on our terms, but upon His terms of repentance … Continue reading “No Healing For You” (Jer 46:11)