“Not Filled” (Eccl 6:7)

dead-end-sign“All the labor of man is for his mouth and yet the appetite is not filled.” vs7

There is no satisfaction in living for ourselves because God has not designed it so. We cannot overcome our Creator, and we must submit to His way to be full. The gospel fills us with our sufficiency in Christ, and as we serve others, our joy is full in their salvation. Paul says, “For you are our glory and joy (1 Thess 2:20).” John says, “I have no greater joy than this: to hear that my children are walking in the truth (3 John 4).” Anything done for self, however, will come up empty. If we seek to glorify ourselves, God has told us, “Stop seeking!” He will be our sufficiency, or we’ll have none; He’ll fill us, or we’ll be empty. He says, “But as for you, do you seek great things for yourself? Stop seeking! For I am about to bring disaster on every living creature’– this is the LORD’S declaration– ‘but I will grant you your life like the spoils of war wherever you go (Jer 45:5).’”

1     Do not circumvent the truth and continue in vanity. There is no reason to live the empty life when Christ fills us freely. He says, “Because My flesh is real food and My blood is real drink (John 6:55).” This is satisfaction – forgiveness, power over sin, and the ability to do God’s will. The Father gives the grace, the Son has all preeminence, and the Spirit applies the blood with power, so that the promises are felt in our struggles. There is satisfaction deep within from God: it is not stirred up or pretended, but it is real, lasting peace, everytime that we look to Him.

Look to Christ in your labors and do them for God’s glory. Don’t make it about you (Phil 1:17).

2     The gospel declares God’s glory in saving sinners. This is the day by day filling, as we’re never too low to be filled, and He lacks no power to lift us up. Do you look at your problems and say, “Grace”? Do you look at your deficiencies and see the Son’s provision? Do you look upon the impossibilities with the Spirit’s power in view? If so, then you have peace, quietness, and God is with you in your labors. He says, “The result of righteousness [faith] will be peace; the effect of righteousness [walk of faith] will be quiet confidence forever (Isa 32:17).”

He’s with you in what you need, so that you can give to others. You’re not trusting your greatness, but His, so you’re satisfied with what He does for you, because you want everything done for Him. Many have pretended zeal, but it is for self, so it is unsatisfying. They ignorantly fight against their own peace by unbelief and self-seeking. He says, “yet the appetite is not filled.” God blesses faith alone.

3     Do not fear to come to this Fountain repeatedly; it is all that we have. Bring every condition to Him, every trouble, and every sin. Do not stand outside of the feast because you “weary” the Master, but TAKE the water of life freely, admit your sins, and lean on Him with newfound confidence. Go back to the places you’ve been glorifying yourself – empty and unsatisfied – and glorify Him from the heart. He will receive you, and He will bless you now.  “From this day on”, He says, and this is most comforting. He says, “I am giving you a promise now while the seed is still in the barn. You have not yet harvested your grain, and your grapevines, fig trees, pomegranates, and olive trees have not yet produced their crops. But from this day onward I will bless you.”(Haggai 2:19).” Yesterday has no bearing on today’s peace. Yesterday cannot stop the blessing on faith today.

Be still your soul, and stop seeking in the world what’s from the Savior. Don’t rely on yourself or make YOURSELF great. Glorify the Son and watch Him fill you with satisfaction.


2 thoughts on ““Not Filled” (Eccl 6:7)

  1. It is a sad thing, my constant realization that I’d love nothing more in life than to have Jesus glorified in and through me…so long as I too am glorified with him. There’s no doubt that he holds out great reward for seeking him. Interestingly enough, Romans 2:7-8 holds out the contrast of a proper seeking right alongside a bad self-seeking. We are after a crown. I have very often, however, prayed a prayer for liberty and release in being humbled by his presence. Of being able to forget about myself as much as possible. To expect nothing from the world and this never again be disappointed when that’s what it gives. The problem is compounded these days with the ease of notoriety through social media. It’s frustrating that the Gospel gets 1 like, and a singer gets 200K.

    May God’s wisdom become my joy in his use of me however he sees fit forever!


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