“Your Voice and Your Face” (Song 2:14)

pic beautiful“O my dove, who are in the clefts of the rock, in the covert of the steep place, let me see your face; let me hear your voice. For sweet is your voice and your face is lovely.” vs14

The Lord Jesus delights to hear from us. Here we are, shameful sinners, hiding out because we have lusted, fallen, and chased after idols, and here He is, ready to receive you. You do not see yourself as He sees you, so you hide in fear, shame, and self-banishment! You stay away because you think He’s angry, but He calls you because He’s pleased with faith. You believe, in spite of your unbelief, and He hears and sees your loveliness. You are not standing in your own righteousness, but His, even as David said, “How blessed are those whose lawless acts are forgiven and whose sins are covered! How blessed is the man the Lord will never charge with sin (Rom 4:7-8)!” Therefore, turn to Him, and come. He says, “Sweet is your voice and your face is beautiful.”

1     Have you ever seen someone beautiful who didn’t flaunt it, but had true humility? This is us in Christ, even as He tells our sisters, In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness [without knowledge] and saved-mindedness; not with braided hair, gold, pearls, or expensive apparel (1 Tim 2:9).” This word, “shamefacedness”, literally means without knowledge, meaning the believing woman doesn’t think she’s “all that”, even as the Church humbly submit to Christ, making no boast in self, giving ALL glory to Him.

Yesterday, after Bible Study, I had dinner with two saints: One was discouraged, the other rejoicing. He and I went back and forth exalting the Savior, marvelling at how Christ is all in creation, in God’s eternal purpose, in everything – “For everything was created by Him, in heaven and on earth, the visible and the invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities–all things have been created through Him and for Him (Col 1:16).” He is the Marvel of the Church, the One who will never be surpassed, willfully submitted to the Father for our sakes. He’s shown us the Perfect Man, what it means to honor the Father, and the Father and the Spirit glorify Him. As we marveled in His greatness, talking about and looking to Him, the other brother went from discouraged to encouraged – from woe is me to “Praise ye the Lord!” This goodness of God where we see ourselves as NOTHING and Him everything is the shamefaced beauty the Lord sees on us. He sees us looking to Him, and our countenance is lovely.

He wants to hear your prayer for this reason: You are a poor, undeserving sinner, trusting our Lord Jesus Christ, giving Him all glory in your redemption. Your faults and failures do not destroy your beauty, but they are covered by faith, and He’s ready to help you in need.

2     Go to Him as a righteous person! The encouraged brother stated that he’d been helped to see why he wasn’t answered in prayer. He said, “I go to God with my sins, but He doesn’t help, because I don’t come to Him as a righteous person through Christ. I don’t believe that He’ll help me, because I don’t see a reason. But now I do!” Yes, dear brethren, come to Him by righteousness imputed, not righteousness that can be seen or felt, but righteousness OUTSIDE OF US in Christ Jesus, the invisible righteousness, that’s more secure than this world! Everything visible will be changed in the twinkling of an eye, but the righteousness of Christ’s grace is forever! It is established in the heavens, and the blood of the Lord has procured it.

Believe that you’re pleasing to Him, as He says, “Likewise, David also speaks of the blessing of the man God credits righteousness to apart from works (Rom 4:6).” Go to the bank of faith and withdraw blessings! You are not robbing the teller! Present faith in Christ as your only hope, and watch her cash the check. His blood has earned your every blessing, or it can’t be earned; His body has been crushed for your sins, or there’s no mercy. Faith means nothing if Christ is not risen, but He is.

3     Look to Him in prayer and tell God what you need! Do not go and do it yourself. Do not rely on anything extra. Don’t say, “I’ll come after I improve”, or, “I’ll meet you ONE STEP further.” Acknowledge that you need Him now, and the joy of the Lord is your strength (Ps 51:12:13). Confess that He’ll GIVE YOU all that you need, and ask Him to do it, even every detail. Ask Him boldly. He says, “Let me see your face, let me hear your voice”, so take advantage of it. He says, “Come”, the Bride says, “Come”, so take freely. “Both the Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come!’ Anyone who hears should say, ‘Come!’ And the one who is thirsty should come. Whoever desires should take the living water as a gift (Rev 22:17).”

You will not be rejected by the One who’s pleased with you!

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