“How Beautiful You Are” (Song 4:1)

pic beautiful2“How beautiful you are, my darling, How beautiful you are! Your eyes are like doves behind your veil; Your hair is like a flock of goats that have descended from Mount Gilead.” vs1

The Lord Jesus sees us beautiful, which is the marvel of grace – that ugly sinners are clean. Let us receive His words and be encouraged. He builds us up, so we can live godly. He comforts, so we can comfort others. Paul said, “If we are afflicted, it is for your comfort and salvation. If we are comforted, it is for your comfort, which is experienced in your endurance of the same sufferings that we suffer (2 Cor 1:6).”

Do not neglect the kindness of the Lord, and do not doubt Him. He speaks things that are true, even right words to take and embrace. He sees you how He’s made you, and it is final: Nothing shall diminish the believer’s beauty – not faults or failures. We’re seen this way by faith not merit, by grace not works, and by regeneration not our natural birth. Paul says, “He saved us–not by works of righteousness that we had done, but according to His mercy–through the washing of regeneration and renewal by the Holy Spirit (Titus 3:5).”  We’re seen this way because we look to Him.

1     Do you believe that you are beautiful? Do you believe, for Christ’s sake, that your sins are forgiven, and no condemnation is on you (Rom 8:1)? Yes, many take this to sin that grace might abound, but does that diminish you? Many hate God who say they love Him, but does that destroy faith? It cannot be (Heb 11:6). The Master’s testimony is certain. He that believes on the Son has everlasting life and shall not come into condemnation! He says, “I assure you: Anyone who hears My word and believes Him who sent Me has eternal life and will not come under judgment but has passed from death to life (John 5:24).” We’ve been judged, found guilty, and executed in the death of Christ, and we’re raised to walk in newness now (Rom 6:11). Righteousness is imputed to faith, and we have a holy nature. We are BORN OF GOD through the Spirit’s work, and we bear His likeness!

We are privileged, dear brothers. Please receive & embrace it fully. The darkest sinner is clean, the vilest leper is holy, and the most ungodly believer is as accepted as the holiest! We have it all in Christ by grace.

2     Your eyes and hair are commended by Jesus. He says, “Behind your veil, your eyes are doves. Your hair is like a flock of goats (Song 4:1).” Your eyes look to Him behind the veil of humility. You know that you are sinful, but you believe and take no credit to self. You love Him because He first loved you, even though your love is small. You look to His mercy, not your deserving it. You don’t follow the false prophets who say, “God’s done all that He can do, and now it’s up to you”, but you look to grace for everything, including will power. He says, “So then it does not depend on human will or effort but on God who shows mercy (Rom 9:16).” You are not someone who trusts in self but in Christ, so you see Him beautiful, which is your beauty, which is rightly dividing the word of truth. You see His law holy, His gospel gracious, and Him as true. You look to Him more than feelings, and you deny every notion that contradicts His word. You confess yourself the sinner & Him the Savior.

Your hair is long and flowing, thick and beautiful, because it pictures submission, “like a flock of goats streaming down Mount Gilead.” The Nazarite vow demanded uncut hair, and women have long hair to show submission. “But that if a woman has long hair, it is her glory for her hair is given to her as a covering (1 Cor 11:15).” Yours is long because you bow to His commands in deed and truth. You deny yourself and take up the cross. Your sanctification is not perfect, but it is authentic. You are not meritorious, but you are worthy because your testimony is real. You bow to His judgments and disappointments, and you say, “Not my will, but Yours be done” (Luke 22:42).

These are marks of grace, given by the Lord Jesus, that say, “I see You beautiful and respond appropriately. I believe on You and bear fruit because of it.” It is faith working by love.

3     Without this beauty, we are not His. There is NO MIDDLE ground. You are in, or you are out: Completely blessed or totally cursed. Which is it? Do you believe Him and live thanking Him, or do you want to burn in hell? If the answer is “No” to either question, then repent. Bring Him your vileness and say, “I’m ugly, Lord, because I’m a sinner. I’m trusting your Son to make me beautiful in Your sight, according Scripture. I’m believing on You to give me eternal life. I’m believing holiness will come IMMEDIATELY.”

Do not deny this for some process of religion! You are not pleasing to God by steps, but by faith; it is not something that takes time but a moment! Put your faith in Him, trusting Him to save you, and He will do as He has said. “For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek, since the same Lord of all is rich to all who call on Him (Rom 10:12).” If you have looked to Christ, then you are saved now: You have holiness of character and submission. Do not fear, when God says, “How beautiful you are, My darling. How beautiful!”

He’s excited about you because of what He’s done for you. Receive it, enjoy it, and live in the light of His approval.

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