“Seek Him with You” (Song 6:1-2)

“Where has your Beloved gone, O you fairest among women? Where has your Beloved turned, that we may seek Him with you?” vs1 Even when we’re lost in the wilderness, wandering in Babylonian bondage, the Lord uses us to save others. We may look like less than we should, but He’s kept us believing. Our … Continue reading “Seek Him with You” (Song 6:1-2)

“My Friend” (Song 5:16)

“His mouth is most sweet. Yes, He is altogether lovely. This is my Beloved and this is my Friend, O daughters of Jerusalem.” vs16 This is a most excellent verse, talking about the excellency and perfection of Jesus Christ. “His mouth is most sweet. Yes, He is altogether lovely.” Everything about Him is good and … Continue reading “My Friend” (Song 5:16)

“Fitly Set” (Song 5:12)

“His eyes are like doves beside the water-brooks, washed with milk, fitly set.” vs12 The Lord is fixed on me, says the believer. He set His heart on me in eternal election, and He won't turn away. He's given me eternal life, and He won't take it back. He's forgiven, imputed righteousness, and predestined me … Continue reading “Fitly Set” (Song 5:12)