“No Spot in You”

pic pure white“You are all fair, my love and there is no spot in you.” vs7

This is something that we must take by faith. We are not beautiful in ourselves, but by grace we’ve been made lovely. The Lord sees NO SPOT in us. This perfection is given in the new birth, by faith, and it is real, even though we see it not and deserve it not. It is how God sees us, and we take it by faith to the joy of our souls.

We must walk by faith, if we will live godly! We cannot rely on feelings but the word of God. We must accept what He says, especially when it is so good, which is what salvation is. Have you been told that you’re altogether lovely and absolutely beautiful by the Lord Jesus? Believe it.

1     This beauty is imputed righteousness and holiness! These are twin gifts of the Father by the Spirit, so that we’re accepted in His sight and live acceptably. We are not merely “pasted on” with righteousness, but we have a new nature. We are no longer dead in trespasses, but we’re alive to live with Christ. He says, “So, you too consider yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus (Rom 6:11).” No longer are we slaves of unbelief, but having believed, we walk in newness. He has declared us righteous AND made us so, so our faith, prayers, and works please Him, being spiritual sacrifices acceptable through Jesus Christ (1 Pet 2:5). He sees our works of faith, and He’ll never forget the cold drink of water that you gave to disciples.

You are blessed because He loves you, and now He’s made His mark on you by the Spirit. You please God, love your neighbor, and you suffer for the gospel. You might be considered the worst, living with an ungodly, hateful spouse. You might be castigated as evil for getting people the truth, and they may pick out every fault. You may be tempted by Satan and fallen – he’s gotten his grip on you and led you astray. Mark this, however, if you believe on the Son, then you’re as beautiful as EVERY OTHER believer! There is no difference. There is no saint that He’s shaking His head at. He may rebuke, but He never sees believers as anything but altogether lovely: This is not based on your work but His, and it is unchangeable in our lowest condition. He separates perfectly between flesh and spirit, and He sees the new man striving within. Paul said, “I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord! So then, with my mind I myself am a slave to the law of God, but with my flesh, to the law of sin (Rom 7:25).”  God delights in you for Christ’s sake, sees your love for the church, and He praises every good thing.

2     Don’t think that you’re beautiful for any other reason than grace. This is not something that you get after you do good works, or after you improve; it is given immediately and instantly to faith. Receive it, not because you feel it, see it, or other’s praise you! Receive your identity because it is real; receive it because faith appropriates to self the blessings, saying, “God says this is mine because I believe: Therefore, I have it.” Christ said, “Do you believe that I can do this? ‘Yes, Lord’, they answered Him. Then He touched their eyes, saying, “According to your faith be it done to you (Matt 9:28-29).

Live in the light of grace, not by sight. Preach by faith, not by sight. Overcome sin by faith, not by sight, passion, and feeling, but by looking up to how blessed you are. Let this be your identity, not what people say, not even the dearest people. Don’t let your praise be your husband’s approval, but the approval of Christ, or you’ll be in bondage, fear, and idolatry. Be pleasing to God INDEPENDENT of anything you’ve done, only believing that He says so, and He has the right because He is God. Others may say this and that, but take up your Bible and believe it. Do not fear, this beauty is for you.

3     Do you feel beautiful? If so, then you will live for Him. It is impossible to be loved and not love back when received by the Holy Spirit. The answer for sin, therefore, is to heap on blessing! Yes, we reprove, rebuke, and exhort; yes, we point out faults and give correction, but we preach more grace, and after we’ve exposed the corruption, we cover it up with the non-imputation of transgressions and the gift of the Spirit (Rom 8:1-2). We reveal that we are poor sinners, so we can pour in the oil of grace, the wine of the Spirit, and the joy of believing. We rip off the fig leaves, so we can give true covering. Do not fear your beauty! It is the power of new life, according to God’s design. Law, which expresses your inadequacy, is the primer for grace (Rom 3:25-26). Conviction leads to salvation and the glorious Savior who delights in everyone who believes.

Do you see the Prodigal returning home to kisses and dancing? This is your relationship with God, day after day, continually (Luke 15:20). Do not walk in fear but in God’s passionate embrace: He sees you altogether lovely and worth dying for, because He loved you. Grace is the most powerful force: it is right to punish sin, but God’s greatest glory is forgiving. “For if the ministry of condemnation [the law] had glory, the ministry of righteousness [imputed by the gospel] overflows with even more glory (2 Cor 3:9).” We look wrongly if we think He’s displeased! Faith sees God satisfied with Christ, and says, “He’s satisfied with me.” It is true: You could not be more beautiful on earth than you are now. He says, “There is no spot in you.”

Brothers, if you believe God, then rejoice.

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