It’s Official

Facebook post about move to Africa:

It’s official. My visa to Kenya has been approved, and I’m scheduled to fly out May 21. After a month, I’m planning a long term move to Lagos, Nigeria, to minister with the saints there, and then throughout Sub Saharan Africa. First Love Missions, headed by Joe Jackowitz of Christ Bible Church, asked me to come on as a full-time missionary, working together with the saints in Africa to establish the church, train pastors, and teach people how to reach out the gospel.

I know nothing is certain and make no boast about tomorrow, but I’m certain this is where God wants me to be, so I have no qualm in going and see no great sacrifice. I’ve obtained mercy, so I’m only following instructions from the One who “loved me and gave Himself for me (Gal 2:20).”

I’ll be as close to many of you as I am now, since we only talk online, but many of you I will greatly miss. My Southside homies are like family, people from OG and SJSU, saints I’ve fellowshipped with over the years, and in a unique way my Mom and Sis who’ve always been there for me, even in the toughest times. I love you CBC. You have shown yourself faithful and an example of a local church! PLA, no one has more encouraged me while preaching the gospel than you – the way you listen and “share the same heartbeat”.

Like I told my Mom, this is not goodbye! I’m not dying, just moving locations, and I hope to visit every few years. I plan to update my Facebook page as usual, but give me some time, if you don’t see posts, etc.

Thank you to Pastor Ken Murungi and Trinity Baptist Church for hosting me in Kenya. I look forward to meeting brethren from Emmanuel Baptist, and, of course, my dear friend and best man in Africa, Pastor Michael Maura.

I’m coming, dear brethren, because there is great need, and I love you.

Here is the ordination/farewell sermon preached at CBC on Sunday:



9 thoughts on “It’s Official

  1. Nigeria will be blessed to have you!
    May you reach multitudes through the Gospel.
    Fathers House Bible Church in Warri, seems on fire for God!
    I enjoy reading their testimonies.


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