“The One Who Believes” (John 7:38)

pic fountain of water

“The one who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, will have streams of living water flow from deep within him.” vs38

Jesus Christ made the promise to us, that if we believe, then we’ll be fully satisfied. “He said this about the Spirit. Those who believed in Jesus were going to receive the Spirit, for the Spirit had not yet been received because Jesus had not yet been glorified (vs39).” The Spirit gives life, and the Spirit comes by believing, revealing to us the Lord Jesus has been exalted.

The resurrection proves the teaching – that Jesus is the Christ, and His sacrifice is accepted (Rom 1:4)! God the Father is pleased with what He has done, so He rewards Him and saves sinners. He is the Perfect Savior who laid down His life an atonement. Now, believing  and trusting Him to save us, we have peace with God, peace with our neighbor, and peace within by the Spirit (Eph 2:17).

We are no longer left to our lusts! It is not believe and do something, but BELIEVE and something wonderful will be done IN YOU.

Do not doubt the promise! It comes from Him who’s risen, and it is given to sinners! He says, “If anyone is thirsty”, any poor sinner, “he should come to Me and drink (John 7:37)!” We come because we need Him, and He’s at peace through His own sacrifice. There’s nothing to give and nothing to do: Only receive!

When I first heard the gospel, I was liberated from bondage. I thought my “earnest, ongoing desire to do God’s will” was to be trusted. I was LOOKING TO MYSELF that I was righteous, trying to be good enough for the promise. But, when I heard the gospel, I knew that He was good enough to give it to me! He says, “The one who believes on the Son has eternal life (John 3:36).” I didn’t have to do anything but believe what He’d done and what He’d give me by only believing. I didn’t have to stir it up or work it up! Salvation was a gift, and I knew it! (Do you know the gift, or are you relying on yourself?) Through believing, joy came with power over sin and utter contentment: then came the things that I was lacking.

Believing is trusting God. Yes, you are a sinner, but He promises you blessing. It is unfathomable, I know, but it is true and will be experienced: As we believe, we’ll see Him faithful and ourselves satisfied (John 6:35). We’ll feel the purpose and meaning of life that He’s set forward to be a deep well, flowing up from within! He says, “Streams of living water flow from deep within him.” Not because of circumstances or possessions… not because of any OUTSIDE force or material, but because what we have on the INSIDE is real!  

Satisfaction isn’t found in things that can be seen, but in the unseen – in knowing your eternal election, peace with God, and power to do His will. It is a having a heart satisfied by God because your eyes are on Jesus Christ, and it is making Him known by the strength that He gives daily. Three things are mandatory, if we’ll have peace: We must have faith in Christ, that His obedience to the death satisfies justice and we’re accepted. We must believe that He earned us the Holy Spirit, and He’ll give power over sin. We must believe the Father’s will is best for us, and trust Him in the path of godliness. All of this is given through the Scriptures, as we receive the promise of living water. He says of this great internal assurance, “The one who keeps His commands remains in Him, and He in him. And the way we know that He remains in us is from the Spirit He has given us (1 John 3:24).”  We can escape this world through Christ and dwell with God, and it’s as simple as believing.

Don’t believe and then run off, but keep on believing, and you will be full.

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