“Die With Him” (John 11:16)

pic walk in the day

“Then Thomas (called “Twin”) said to his fellow disciples, ‘Let’s go so that we may die with Him.’” vs16

This is courage, and we must have it: “Let’s go die with Him.” It’s imperative that we lay down our life with Jesus Christ. He died for us, and we were crucified with Him by baptism into His death, so just like all men sinned in Adam, all who believe died and were resurrected with Christ 2000 years ago (Rom 6:4). He suffered for us, so that we died without feeling pain, so let us live for Him with the new life that He gives. Paul says, “So, you too consider yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus (Rom 6:11).”

1     We must not be cowards. Prov 29:25, “The fear of man is a snare, but the one who trusts in the LORD is raised high.” He is safe from all fears, if he fears God – not that evil won’t happen, but he has God on his side, so who can be against him (Rom 8:31)? If we fear man, however, then we stumble and fall, compromise and embarrass ourselves, fearing the creature instead of the Creator, thus losing our reward.

2     Be bold, my brothers! It doesn’t matter what happens to me and you, so long as Christ is praised. In Ezra’s day, the people had to separate themselves from foreign wives, and Oh how painful that must be – to divorce the one you love because you love God more. We, however, must separate ourselves from sinful unfaithfulness (Ezra 10:3). We must be separated from every way of this world, and if we fear man, then we will not preach it! We’ll compromise, but if our churches are strong, they will say, “Get up, for this matter is your responsibility, and we support you. Be strong and take action (Ezra 10:4)!” They will stand with us and say, “Preach the whole truth and spare not! Do not hold back a single word to spare our feelings, but tell us all that God has to say, and exhort us to do right.”

Eli made the mistake of honoring his children above God, and he perished from the ministry, and they’ll burn in hell (1 Sam 3:13). Let us put God’s glory above anyone and anything, and we do right: This is TRUE LOVE to men – not that we compromise to have their smiles, but we rebuke them sharply, so they may be sound in the faith (Titus 2:13).

Some say it is better to just “get along” and not have all these differences, but we must faithfully say whatever the Scriptures say. Christ died for us, so we live for Him, and we gain in the process.

3     Walk while it is day. Our Lord said, “Aren’t there 12 hours in a day? If anyone walks during the day, he doesn’t stumble, because he sees the light of this world (John 11:9).” If you walk in the light, being bold and God honoring, then you cannot fail, even though they kill you. If you cower, then darkness comes, and you stumble over everything. He says, “If anyone walks during the night, he does stumble, because the light is not in him (John 11:10).”

We have a choice to make: Will we fear God or man?

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