“And everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved, for on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there will be deliverance, as the LORD promised, among the remnant called by the LORD (Joel 2:32).” That includes you. Though you are despicable and dastardly, and even though we have sinned to His face. … Continue reading “EVERYONE WHO CALLS” (Joel 2:32)

“A QUARTER SHEKEL” (1 Sam 9:8)

“Look,’ the attendant said, ‘there’s a man of God in this city who is highly respected; everything he says is sure to come true. Let’s go there now. Maybe he’ll tell us which way we should go.’ ‘Suppose we do go,’ Saul said to his attendant, ‘what do we take the man? The food from … Continue reading “A QUARTER SHEKEL” (1 Sam 9:8)


The Lord will be against those who trouble us, if we are for Him. Therefore, we don’t have to fear. We read, “So the Philistines were subdued and did not invade Israel’s territory again. The LORD’S hand was against the Philistines all of Samuel’s life (vs13).” This doesn’t mean that Satan will not fight against … Continue reading “THE PHILISTINES WERE SUBDUED” (1 Sam 7:13)

“WORSHIP ONLY HIM” (1 Sam 7:3)

  There are conditions for our restitution. It is not, “Feel good about yourselves, and all is forgiven.” “Samuel told them, ‘If you are returning to the LORD with all your heart, get rid of the foreign gods and the idols that are among you, dedicate yourselves to the LORD, and worship only Him. Then … Continue reading “WORSHIP ONLY HIM” (1 Sam 7:3)

“WHO IS ABLE TO STAND?” (1 Sam 6:20)

We need to know how to worship the Lord. “The men of Beth-shemesh asked, ‘Who is able to stand in the presence of this holy LORD God? Who should the ark go to from here?’” 1     We can’t worship Him our way! Sincerity doesn’t matter. Sincerely believing a lie will damn you, even as the … Continue reading “WHO IS ABLE TO STAND?” (1 Sam 6:20)


Man’s totally ignorant of the right way to worship God. The Philistines, to alleviate the plague, said, “What restitution offering should we send back to Him? And they answered, ‘Five gold tumors and five gold mice corresponding to the number of Philistine rulers, since there was one plage for both you and your rulers (vs4).” … Continue reading “WHAT RESTITUTION?” (1 Sam 6:4)