“UNTIL IT FALLS” [Deut 20:19-20]

*    This is a companion article to, “THE LORD GOD IS WITH YOU”, and deals with the final part of Deut 20 and Overcoming Sin. This important second part teaches us about patience, failures, and increases our wisdom. “When you lay siege to a city for a long time, fighting against it in order to … Continue reading “UNTIL IT FALLS” [Deut 20:19-20]


  The revelation of God is mandatory in the salvation of sinners. This revelation is expressed in baptism and the Lord's supper: It is union with Christ in His death and resurrection, and it's communion with Him by faith in His blood; it is the act of God, where sinners are transformed into His likeness, … Continue reading UNION & COMMUNION: BAPTISM & THE LORD’S SUPPER

“HEAR ME” [Acts 26:1-18]

  “Then Paul, having stretched out the hand, began his defense: ‘Concerning all of which I am accused by the Jews, King Agrippa, I esteem myself fortunate before you, being about to defend myself today, you being especially acquainted with all the customs and also controversies of the Jews. Therefore I implore you to hear … Continue reading “HEAR ME” [Acts 26:1-18]


*     Someone wrote me today about overcoming lingering sin. While they did not go into detail, I assume - being a young man and having had this conversation many, many times - they are dealing with sexual lust and pornography.   These are things that can disturb us and drive us TO Christ or far from … Continue reading THE LORD GOD IS WITH YOU [Deut 20:1]


Therefore I esteemed it necessary to exhort the brothers that they should go before unto you and should complete beforehand your foreannounced blessing [gift], thus this to be ready as a blessing [gift], and not as covetousness.” vs5 We are not to give covetously, as if we’re trying to get favor with God or man. … Continue reading “NOT AS COVETOUSNESS” [2 Cor 9:4-5]