“He Worshiped Him” (John 9:38)

“I believe, Lord!’ he said, and he worshiped Him.” vs38 You will too: If you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, then you will worship Him, just like everyone else that’s truly believed. Many believed on Him in John’s Gospel, but they turned away. They didn’t know the depth and magnitude of His teaching, and … Continue reading “He Worshiped Him” (John 9:38)

“When I Went and Washed I Received” (John 9:11)

“Therefore they asked him, ‘Then how were your eyes opened?’ He answered, ‘The man called Jesus made mud, spread it on my eyes, and told me, ‘Go to Siloam and wash.’ So when I went and washed I received my sight.’” vs10-11 This is the way that we’re to minister the gospel to others - … Continue reading “When I Went and Washed I Received” (John 9:11)

“So He Left, Washed, And Came Back Seeing” (John 9:7)

“Go,’ He told him, ‘wash in the pool of Siloam’ (which means ‘Sent’). So he left, washed, and came back seeing.” vs7 If we do what God tells us, then we’ll see too: If we believe the gospel, repenting of our sin, then we’ll see Him glorious, our Savior. If we try to see without … Continue reading “So He Left, Washed, And Came Back Seeing” (John 9:7)

“You Would Do What Abraham Did” (John 8:39)

“Our father is Abraham!’ they replied. "If you were Abraham’s children,’ Jesus told them, ‘you would do what Abraham did.’” vs39 Here is a fact the Lord lovingly sets before us: we obey our father. If Abraham were our father, then we’d do his works. If not, then we do the work of Satan, our … Continue reading “You Would Do What Abraham Did” (John 8:39)

“His Hour Had Not Come” (John 8:20)

“He spoke these words by the treasury, while teaching in the temple complex. But no one seized Him, because His hour had not come.” vs20 The Lord Jesus is in complete control of what happens to us. Just like He could not die or even be taken before His hour, even so, nothing can happen … Continue reading “His Hour Had Not Come” (John 8:20)